Maxwell Newhouse, Canadian Artist
Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag

Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag

Maxwell Newhouse applied an artistic twist of the four seasons to the Canadian Flag. Originally created in 1975... More »

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Maxwell Newhouse
Canadian Artist Max Newhouse
Maxwell Newhouse Canadian Artist
Along with his passion for painting and writing, Maxwell loves to build interesting and intriguing furniture with the abundance of driftwood he finds on the shorelines of British Columbia.

Maxwell Newhouse Collection - carbon series uses burnt black driftwood to create one of a kind furniture pieces with a carbon finish.

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youtube Canadian Flag Celebration at Cultas Lake
Making two Driftwood chairs with music 'Olives and Grapes'
Improvising with Driftwood


Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag series inspires the Burge Newhouse project for 2017
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Christmas Burnaby Villiage Museum
Driftwood Sculpture Instruments are on Display at Burnaby Village Museum
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2010 Counting on Snow
Top of the Crop 2010
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Lets Go For A Ride
Launch of Lets Go For A Ride book.
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CBC Radio Vinyl Café
I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Stuart McLean host of the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio.
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